Salesforce – Flash Builder Integration Announced

Adobe and Salesforce have always worked well together

They are complimentary technologies – Flash is primarily a display platform and Salesforce is more data focused. Using Flex or Flash to present data from the SalesForce cloud is a great way to make a really seamless and slick user experience. This latest development makes that even easier than it was previously. Go to this page to find out more and download the IDE.

New Capabilities

Using the Flash or SFDC IDE tools previously enabled you to make either a Flash Builder project or a new SalesForce project. Now you can make a combined Flash Builder / SFDC project that uses a WSDL to enable you to connect to the SalesForce schema. You can also create an Adobe AIR app which manipulates offline data and synchs it when you are online again. There is no guide on how to download the WSDL document from SF for use in the IDE – here’s what you do.

  1. Click Setup | Develop | API.
  2. Download the appropriate WSDL:
    1. If you are downloading an enterprise WSDL and you have managed packages installed in your organization, click Generate Enterprise WSDL. prompts you to select the version of each installed package to include in the generated WSDL.
    2. Otherwise, right-click the link for the appropriate WSDL document to save it to a local directory. In the right-click menu, Internet Explorer users can choose Save Target As, while Mozilla Firefox users can choose Save Link As.
  3. On your computer, import the local copy of the WSDL document into your development environment.
  4. Another trick to remember is that you’ll need your API key to connect to SalesForce – it gets pasted on the end of your password. Flex / SalesForce integration enables the creation of awesome cloud-based enterprise apps, so get out there and start coding!


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