Launch a FileMaker App From the iOS Home Screen

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FileMaker Inc. recently released a FileMaker app that gives users the ability to generate icons that will launch users directly into a FileMaker app (local to an iOS device or hosted by FileMaker Server). This ability to access a specific FileMaker app from the Home screen allows a FileMaker app to be used in a very similar way to native iOS apps. Here’s a summary from FileMaker:

FileMaker Go App Maker v1.0.3 is a free tool that generates iOS Configuration Profiles that can be used to add launch icons to the Home Screen on an iPad or iPhone. You can combine one or more database launchers into a single profile. Databases can either be located on the device or on a remote host. Each database launcher can optionally include a Script to be executed after the file opens. Profiles can be installed on the iOS device by emailing the profile file to an email account that is used on the iOS device. Profiles can also be distributed via websites or other Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools.

This is a free tool and worth a look.

Read the FileMaker article…

Aaron Gutleben

Aaron Gutleben

Aaron has been a developer for more than twelve years. His journey with FileMaker has been vast and has allowed him to work within many industries, and work on some amazing projects which have included authoring Module 13, FileMaker Go, for the FileMaker Training Series (FTS). Aaron was also a contributing author for the first twelve modules, and is certified in FileMaker 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. When not so focused on work, he is either spending some quality time with his kids, playing/recording music, or is enjoying his love of motorcycles on some of the beautiful mountain roads near Lake Tahoe.

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