FileMaker & Snow Leopard (Mac OSX 10.6)

Thinking of upgrading to OS X 10.6? Have you already upgraded?

If you answered yes to either of the previous questions, then there are some things to be aware of. Take a moment and explore the links below.

Which versions of FileMaker are compatible with Snow Leopard?

Supported versions of FileMaker can be found here.

Are there any known issues?

The best way to keep on top if current issues regarding Snow Leopard and FileMaker is to search FileMaker’s knowledge base. There are also many resources online which feature some discussion around bugs that folks are seeing. A search from any major search engine will easily grab you the results you want. I did want to add some of the more noticeable bugs here:

  1. Attempting to install FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced on a clean install of Mac OS X v10.6
  2. Snow Leopard compatibility issues with FileMaker 9 and earlier versions
  3. Exporting to the “.xls” format gives an error if Rosetta is not installed
  4. Issue when attempting to open a FileMaker Pro file via Apple Script on Mac OSX v10.6
  5. What do I need to know when installing FileMaker Server 10 and FileMaker Server 10 Advanced
  6. Performance issues with multi-file solutions

I’m sure that more issues and resolutions will continue to be posted to FileMaker’s site, but I hope this helps make you aware of some the known bugs.

Have questions? You can contact my team directly for more insights. Or, check out our other FileMaker posts to learn more about customizing your solution.

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