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Everything you ever wanted to know about FileMaker Server backups

FileMaker Server 12 introduces some significant changes to the way backups are done. It now uses features found in the operating system to reduce the time it takes to complete backups and to reduce the disk space they require.  FileMaker Server 12 also introduces a new incremental backup mechanism that is critical to any good disaster recover strategy. As with any new significant features there is some confusion that surrounds the functionality.

Wim Decorte, Sr. Architect at Soliant Consulting collaborated with Steven Blackwell, Platinum Member Emeritus of the FileMaker Business Alliance to round up some frequently asked questions and provide answers based on topics discussed at this year’s FileMaker developer conference and discussion topics on the various FileMaker forums.

  1. How have backups changed in FileMaker Server 12?
  2. I want to schedule an incremental or progressive backup. But I can’t find where that is done?  How do I schedule this?
  3. I need to restore from the last backup.  But I get an error message when I try to open the backup file directly in FileMaker Pro or host it on FileMaker Server.  Are my backups broken?
  4. What is the best method to move a backup to another directory such as a network file server?
  5. Why can’t I just use the backup file that FileMaker Server creates just as I have done in the past?
  6. Do I have to pause the FileMaker Pro files before FileMaker Server makes the backups?  I can’t find where to do that in the Admin Console.
  7. What is the best interval of time between incremental backups?  FileMaker Server defaults to 5 minutes.  Is that often enough, or is it too frequent an interval?
  8. Where does FileMaker Server put the actual backup copies it creates?
  9. What happens to the original file, the file that the other ones are hard linked to if FileMaker Server has to delete it to maintain the set # of backup sets to keep?
  10. Can I choose what file or files to enable the incremental backups for?
  11. Can I save the change logs that FileMaker Server uses for its incremental backups?
  12. What if want to move FileMaker files to different folders or rename folders on my FileMaker Server?
  13. How can I run a FileMaker script when a backup is done?
  14. Why does my backup take so long?
  15. Can I use incremental backups and push them to another server for quick recovery?

Download the FAQ.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    No updated version. Everything still applies in FMS14 as it did back then.  FMforums changed their forum sofware not too long ago and it resulted in a lot of broken links.  We'll try and upload the PDF here.


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