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How to Leverage FileMaker 17’s New Capabilities in Soliant.cloud®

Welcome to FileMaker 17

FileMaker 17 has arrived with a full suite of new tools and capabilities for developers and users alike. As users and developers dive into the features, exploring everything the version has to offer, they may have another question on their mind: “What does this mean for my hosting environment and server configuration?”

A new release is an excellent time to review your hosting needs and determine if they’re being met. It’s also a great time to consider if your server configuration is evolving with the pace of your business and can scale with you.

Leveraging New FileMaker 17 Features and Tools

This release includes a variety of new functions to enhance your database storage, security, and cloud capabilities.

With this newly available functionality in the platform, we have updated Soliant.cloud services to support the newest version of FileMaker Server available and immediately take advantage of the platform’s new capabilities.

FileMaker 17 Hosting Configured Uniquely for Your Needs

As we’ve worked with FileMaker for decades, we’re well aware of the common challenges, needs, and opportunities of hosting for the platform’s implementations. Our premium hosting service, Soliant.cloud addresses concerns and leverages unique FileMaker capabilities through our custom configuration for the platform.

As a Platinum FileMaker Partner, we received an inside look at FileMaker 17 months before its release and started immediately tailoring Soliant.cloud to leverage the release’s new features and tools. Now’s a great time to transition to consultative hosting services configured specifically for your implementation. Learn more about Soliant.cloud and how easy it is to switch to our comprehensive FileMaker hosting.


For our existing Soliant.cloud clients, we offer the Evolution Package to transition your existing Soliant.cloud instances to the latest version of FileMaker.

Our FileMaker 17 Evolution Package involves the following steps:

  1. An evaluation of your current Soliant.cloud server instance to develop a plan and time frame for action. This will include:
    • Database porting
    • Container Data porting
    • Analysis and configuration adjustments to EBS volumes
    • Analysis and configuration adjustments to AWS Snapshots
    • Secure Socket Layer Certificate (SSL) migration
    • Server Side Plug-Ins porting
    • Server Side Scripting porting
    • Current backup and snapshot porting
    • Monitoring and AWS roles & security transfer
    • Instance FTP-SSL accounts and configuration
    • Instance command, batch, and powershell file porting
    • FileMaker Server License transfer and license review
    • Update networking security, roles, permissions and DNS.
  2. A review of our findings and recommendations. Our team will:
    • Review costs for evolution based on the analysis.
    • Review licensing considerations.
    • Propose any possible optimizations for cost reduction and performance enhancements.
    • Define a maintenance window to perform the evolution.
  3. A full evolution for your solution, paired with ongoing communication with your team

Get Started Today

To learn more about upgrading your hosting and solution in one joint effort, contact our FileMaker hosting experts at Soliant.cloud today.

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