Zend Webinar Sample Files – Cloud Connected Mobile Authentication in Zend Studio 10.5

In his recent Zend webinar, Steve Bennett discussed the benefits of incorporating token-based authentication in a mobile application, and also provided a step-by-step tutorial for creating a new Cloud Connected Mobile Application in Zend Studio 10.5. Attached are the sample files that were shown during the webinar along with instructions for downloading and importing into Zend Studio 10.5.

To import the project in Zend Studio 10.5:

  1. Download the MobileAuthenticationDemo.zip file from this blog post
  2. Launch Zend Studio 10.5
  3. From the File Menu, choose “Import”
  4. When prompted for an import source, select the option “Existing Projects into Workspace” (which is listed under the General folder)
  5. Chose “Select Archive File” and specify the  MobileAuthDemo.zip as the source
    1. Under the list of Projects in this window, ensure that both the Service Project and Mobile project are selected
  6. Click the Finish button.
  7. Open the “deployment.xml” file under the AuthServiceFinishedDemo folder
  8. Click “Deploy Application”, and specify your preferred target

You should now be able to run index.html as a Web Mobile Application in Zend Studio. Important note: If you have deployed to a target other than a local Zend Server installation, you will need to change the definition of the gatewayURL variable declared on line 1 of my.js

Download the sample files: Mobile Authentication Demo

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