ZF3 – Zend Framework 3.0 Released

With the official release today of ZF3 (Zend Framework 3.0), you may be wondering what that means for projects under maintenance, development, and planning. Here is a brief digest of what the release of ZF3 means in practical terms.

The Right Architecture for the Right Size

Selecting software architecture has non-trivial implications for organizations. Picking the wrong one can often generate additional costs and add complexity which could be avoided otherwise.

Lessons of the Palm Pilot

The lessons of Palm Pilot’s simplicity and clarity of purpose still resonate with mobile designers and the user experience of contemporary smartphones.

Git Push: May The Force Be With You

If you have pushed changes to a remote, and subsequently amended or rebased, you will need to replace old commit(s) with your new one(s). To do this, you will need to use The Force.
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