Git Push: May The Force Be With You

If you have pushed changes to a remote, and subsequently amended or rebased, you will need to replace old commit(s) with your new one(s). To do this, you will need to use The Force.

The User is Not Always Right

Users ask for a lot of things, and it can be tempting to just say yes to every request. Learn more about how to deliver what your client really needs here.

Evan Coury – A Simple Explanation of Git-rebase

What is Git Rebase? Git rebase organizes branching paths and makes the repository structure linear. It allows you to patch changes onto your origin or master branch. In December of 2011, Evan Coury posted an article on his now-defunct blog (original link is a 404) titled “A simple explanation of git-rebase,” and his Twitter post still comes …

Enterprise-quality Web apps with SimpleFM

SimpleFM is a robust choice for interacting with the FileMaker Server XML API. The core SimpleFM package is agnostic about coding style. In this article we will lift the hood on the skeleton app and show how clean and importantly how intuitive the code is.

Zend Product Releases

Find details for Soliant partner, Zend’s new releases including Zend Studio and Zend Server 7 along with some explanation of new features.
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