What is Carafe?

In this two-part video, Jeremiah Small provides answers to the question, “What is Carafe?”

In this first part, he shares a concrete example of downloading, configuring and deploying a bundled Javascript library into FileMaker.

Part two covers some of the motivations and history behind Carafe.

In part one Jeremiah Small started out with a demonstration of Carafe.

Following on the demo, part two covers some of the design philosophy and history of the Carafe platform.

For more information visit Carafe.fm or the Carafe FMForum.

2 thoughts on “What is Carafe?”

    1. Yes! You must use FileMaker Pro to deploy, but assuming that the JavaScript in the Bundle makes sense for a touch UI, most Bundles will work fine in Go. Basically, a Carafe Bundle is just JavaScript delivered to a Web Viewer, so wherever a Web Viewer will work, so should Carafe. Of course you will want to test all your clients properly. Keep your eye out for a series of Feature Tour videos we’re releasing soon, which include tips on testing and troubleshooting.

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