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Introducing Soliant.cloud® – FileMaker Pro Hosting

We’re excited to launch our newest FileMaker service, Soliant.cloud, an end-to-end comprehensive hosting service leveraging expertise from certified professionals.

Video Transcript:

Hey! Thanks for joining me here at Soliant TV, where I’d like to show you the newest FileMaker service at Soliant Consulting, Soliant.cloud>.

You might have heard that the release of FileMaker 15 brings on a new requirement. Each license of FileMaker 15 or above now requires a dedicated server. It’s been quite the roadblock for both new and existing FileMaker users who are hoping to upgrade to the latest version of FileMaker. Because of this, we’ve spent the past year helping our FileMaker clients navigate through the options.

Here are some of the options we came up with:

Our clients could

  • Go through a third-party vendor, who is either extremely expensive with a questionable amount of support or incredibly cheap and gives no support at all.
  • They could figure out how to set up and maintain their own server with a hosting service like Amazon Web Services.
  • They could launch FileMaker Cloud and teach themselves how to get through the difficult aspects of the setup process.
  • They could purchase their own server and then keep and maintain it on-site
  • They could stay on FileMaker 14 forever.

Quite frankly, we felt like these were pretty unattractive options. We really didn’t feel comfortable recommending most of these to our clients.

As it turns out, we started helping our clients set up servers through Amazon Web Services, and we’d agree to monitor and maintain these servers on a monthly basis. As more and more clients asked us for help with this, we realized we had a really good opportunity in front of us, and Soliant.cloud was born.

This new managed FileMaker hosting service lets clients focus on their business, leaving the system maintenance to us.

Soliant.cloud starts with a simplified and comprehensive server setup. Our team of certified FileMaker developers can handle licensing, migration, environment configuration, the works! We also make sure your server is scalable and set up for success and business growth. From there, sit back and relax, and we’ll monitor your server.

Soliant.cloud comes with a monthly maintenance agreement, which guarantees consistent and reliable maintenance service. Our team will keep an eye on things and make tweaks when they’re needed. We’ll also set up automatic backups and keep things running smoothly. If you ever want to enhance your FileMaker solution, you have a team of FileMaker experts at your disposal for development work at our hourly rate. This saves your time and saves you money because you cut out on the ramp-up period. We’ll already be familiar with your solution and we can start work right away.

With Soliant.cloud, we can be a better partner to our FileMaker clients. That said, we are not keeping this service exclusive.  Anyone who is looking for an optimized FileMaker hosting solution can contact us to get started.

In the end, we get to help FileMaker users with this low cost but high-quality hosting service.

You can learn more about Soliant.cloud on here. Or you can contact us at soliantcloud@soliantconsulting.com .

We hope you’re as excited as we are, and we look forward to partnering with you.

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  1. Hello! May you please tell me your pricing structure for FileMaker development (per hour costs) and your pricing structure for FileMaker hositng? Thank you!

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