How to Install Google Maps in FileMaker with Carafe

Jeremiah Small provides a detailed how-to showing the steps for wiring up your existing FileMaker solution to provide the required data structure for the updated Google Maps 3.0.0 Carafe bundle.

For more information visit or the Carafe FMForum.

3 thoughts on “How to Install Google Maps in FileMaker with Carafe”

  1. Hi Jeremiah,

    I’m probably a bit late to the party but with v19 I’m having a closer look at leveraging JavaScript within FileMaker. Carafe is a very nice solution and I started with the Google Maps example to get my head around whats happening.

    Carafe made it really easy to get things in place although I initially only had default black markers because I “mistakenly” used “colour” as the key.

    I do have a small issue … I’ve noticed that zooming out gets a little weird if the minimumClusterSize is set to 1 or if the set of markers is a single record. In the case of a single record presentation starts at max zoom in and as you zoom out the marker stays “fixed” in place but not true to its “position”. For default zoom I guess the current code sets the zoom to be appropriate to accommodate the supplied data set. Not sure why the marker doesn’t stay accurate.

    Cheers, Malcolm

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