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Deploy a Carafe Bundle

By August 28, 2019 No Comments

Deploy a Carafe Bundle is part of our Carafe feature tour playlist.

Carafe deployment is fast and easy. There are a few different deployment options to consider.

Jeremiah Small walks through the options available when you deploy a Carafe Bundle and covers some best practices for passing FileMaker data into your deployed Bundle:

Carafe Deployment

  • Standard vs Advanced
  • Production vs Development Mode
  • Versions and Names

Injecting FileMaker Data

  • Best practice of using Perform Script step
  • Take advantage of the generated parameter template
  • Basics of working with parameter JSON data from FileMaker

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Jeremiah Small

Jeremiah Small

Jeremiah, Soliant Consulting's Director of Engineering, has been with Soliant since 2006. In his spare time, he is a volunteer member of Altadena Mountain Rescue Team. Jeremiah got undergrad and masters degrees from NYU, TSOA, specializing in set design for theater and film. The film/theater and ride/show fabrication industries led him to a career in software consulting where his creative training and general problem-solving talents have served him well.

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