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Anatomy of the Carafe Bundle

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Anatomy of the Carafe Bundle is part of our Carafe feature tour playlist.

The Carafe Bundle JSON file format represents everything needed to browse, share, and deploy a JavaScript package in FileMaker.

It is designed to be compact and portable, but it’s unwieldy for humans. Therefore, Carafe tooling splits up the Bundle into source files.

Jeremiah Small explains the purpose of the five separate source files and how best to work with them:


  • config.json
  • data.json
  • template.carafe


  • meta.json
  • preview.jpg

For more information visit Carafe.FM or the Carafe FMForum.

Jeremiah Small

Jeremiah Small

Jeremiah, Soliant Consulting's Director of Engineering, has been with Soliant since 2006. In his spare time, he is a volunteer member of Altadena Mountain Rescue Team. Jeremiah got undergrad and masters degrees from NYU, TSOA, specializing in set design for theater and film. The film/theater and ride/show fabrication industries led him to a career in software consulting where his creative training and general problem-solving talents have served him well.

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