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Soliant FileMaker Applications

For more than two decades, Soliant Consulting has developed strategic FileMaker solutions to improve workflows and data collaboration and integrate them with other systems. Whether you’re new to FileMaker or are looking to improve an existing system, we can help you drive efficiency and productivity with your technology.

Claris Smart Pack

As a Claris Platinum Partner, we work with Claris on a variety of initiatives and are proud to leverage our experience to build two strategic FileMaker solutions for the education industry.

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Manage the daily process of screening your students quickly and efficiently.

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Event AdmittanceIcon - chevron circle

Easily check in students or faculty for ticketed or preregistered events.

Claris Platinum Partner

In line with our mission to deliver excellence for our clients, we are a Claris Platinum Partner.

Whether your database is simple or complex, our FileMaker developers bring the best technical standards and architecture to build an extendable solution that stands the test of time.

Claris Partner Platinum
FileMaker 18 Certified Developer
FileMaker 17 Certified Developer
FileMaker 16 Certified Developer
FileMaker 15 Certified Developer
FileMaker 14 Certified Developer
FileMaker 13 Certified Developer

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