COVID Questionnaire for Schools

Start every school day safely.

Manage the daily process of screening your students quickly and efficiently. Our solution delivers a COVID questionnaire for schools to give to their students prior to entering school buildings.

Through the application, students are asked a series of COVID related questions, either at home online or by a faculty member at the door. A faculty member then takes the student’s temperature. Based on the student’s answers and the school’s COVID policies, the student may be permitted into the building. This application can also be used for faculty and staff.

The screening solution is built as a hybrid between FileMaker and a web application. To implement at your school, there are two components required.

  • Built on the foundation of Claris FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary and long-standing platform
  • Data protention by encryption at rest and SSL
  • On-premise solution available upon request
  • Requirements

    • FileMaker Server
    • Devices running FileMaker Pro or Go at check-in points
    • Access to exported student and staff

  • Built on the foundation of React, delivering a lightweight and flexible web application
  • Data protected by encryption at rest and SSL
  • Requirements:

    • A device with web access
    • Linux or Ubuntu server

The solution itself is provided at no cost. We can help with setup, support, and customization. Estimated costs are available upon request.

Watch the video to learn more.

Learn More About the Questionnaire

Learn more about the COVID questionnaire application, and get the complimentary solution.