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Primer Archives

Shifting Art Business Online for COVID Regulation

COVID has changed the way we live, work, and interact with others. Businesses have been hit especially hard, struggling to keep their doors open and service ongoing amidst changing safety regulations, protocols, and customer behavior.

In addition to helping existing clients adjust, we’ve also onboarded many new clients to help them navigate COVID-related challenges. Primer Archives, in particular, approached our team with an urgent need. As traffic to art galleries significantly decreased, they needed to get their clients’ art showcased online quickly.

In just a week, we developed and launched an online application that showcases gallery art in a grid formation.

Built with React and AWS S3, the solution provides efficient online storage and display of all thumbnail and full-size images, allowing web visitors to peruse art at their leisure but view in-depth full-size images without a lagging load time. The full-size images prompt the visitor to learn more, significantly increasing opportunities for greater engagement and, ultimately, a sale.

Our team was happy to help Primer Archives quickly address a critical COVID-related challenge. We continue to help other organizations adjust with strategic applications. If you know of a business seeking a partner to navigate similar needs, please let us know.


About Primer Archives

Primer art software helps art professionals increase sales, get more admin done in less time, and spend more time with the artwork and people that inspire them. Used by galleries, artists, and collections around the world, Primer Archives understands the art world and how it can work better.

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