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Salesforce + WordPress

Innovative Integrations and Development

For many years, Salesforce has been considered an internal, back-end tool. It was the muscle of a company the outside world doesn’t see. In recent years, however, the platform has gained an even more integral role within business operations. They’re bridging the gap to external audiences through Salesforce-WordPress integrations.

Better Experiences and Engagement

A Salesforce-WordPress connection improves internal processes and enhances productivity. It also delivers better experiences for external audiences and increases customer engagement.

To achieve these objectives for clients, our web developers design a custom front-end in WordPress. Our Salesforce architects build custom form and field integrations, objects, and workflows on the back end. These teams work together to deliver a fully-integrated system for our clients.

Empower Your Team

Our consultants go beyond Salesforce development. We work with you to build an understanding of why an integration would be beneficial for your business. Whether you are looking to sync just a few data points, or develop a fully integrated web application, our architects and developers focus on your overarching business goals.

We ensure your Salesforce-WordPress integration empowers your team and serves as an end-to-end business solution.

Benefits of Salesforce-WordPress Integrations

Nonprofits often rely on donors to keep their doors open. Having a clean, maintained database of them is key to an organization’s success. We help nonprofits launch a public-facing website as a sponsor recruiting tool and organize this data internally with Salesforce.

For example, an organization may have two spots available for a sponsorship and share this on its website. Unfortunately, if sponsorships are managed in an unconnected database, they can't immediately update the site. They then run the risk of outdated and misleading information for potential sponsors. This also presents the time-consuming challenges of manual entry for the nonprofit. The combination of Salesforce and WordPress helps non-profits streamline their fundraising and donor management. The integration increases efficiency and staff productivity.

Revamp your customer service practices and heighten your user engagement by integrating your web user management with Salesforce. Centralize your CRM data to get a true 360 view of your customer base. Store user profile data in custom fields on Salesforce Contact records. Then create targeted campaigns and communications. Launch a Salesforce integration that allows you to manage the entire user lifecycle. Contact our team to learn how we can build your team a custom solution.

All organizations benefit from strong reporting. With Salesforce, you can create extensive reports with data from web user profiles, sales, and customer service. You can identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to craft stronger business and technology strategies. Our development experts can help you build and launch a custom integrated solution. Contact us to learn more.

Product-based companies need to show updated inventory on their websites. For buisnesses managing inventory in Salesforce, a custom website integration makes a big difference. Their customers can shop online, knowing they’re browsing an updated catalog. Our team builds Salesforce architecture to ensure a smooth process for both the customer sand internal team members handling the purchase. We can even build a login system and show transaction history and suggested purchases for repeat customers. Talk with one of our Salesforce consultants to learn more.

Salesforce's functionality delivers an engaging community for prospects, customers, members, and more. Your users can sign up for access to the community right on your website. Salesforce handles the data logistics through custom and secure workflows. We've built extensive communities on the platform and can help you launch yours. Contact us to learn more.

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Connect your Salesforce solution with other data systems to boost capabilities and increase efficiency for your team. Our team helps clients synchronize data and build complex integrations leveraging functionality from other applications.

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