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Salesforce WordPress Integration and Development

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Salesforce WordPress IntegrationFor many years, Salesforce has been considered an internal, back-end tool, the muscle of a company that the outside world doesn’t see.

Recently, however, we’ve seen organizations shift to make the platform an even more integral role within their business operations, and that means bridging the gap to external audiences. This often requires an integration with a CMS. As WordPress is the world’s most popular option, many organizations are turning to Salesforce-WordPress integrations.

A Salesforce-WordPress connection not only improves internal processes and enhances productivity, but also delivers better experiences for external audiences and increases customer engagement.

To achieve these objectives for clients, our PHP experts design a custom front-end in WordPress, and our Salesforce architects and developers build custom form and field integrations, objects, and workflows on the back end.

Moreover, our team of consultants will work with your organization to foster an understanding of why this integration would be beneficial for you, and not merely focus on how it can be implemented. Whether you are looking to sync just a few data points, or develop a fully integrated web application, our team will work hand-in-hand with yours to customize a solution that meets your needs.

Benefits of Salesforce WordPress Integrations

Non-profit Donor Management

Non-profits often rely on donors to keep their doors open, and having a clean, maintained database of them is key to an organization’s success. Many have turned to a public-facing website as a sponsor recruiting tool and organize this data internally with Salesforce.

For example, an organization may have two spots available for a gold-level sponsorship and share this information on its website. Unfortunately, if its team manages sponsorships in an unconnected database and cannot immediately update their site, they run the risk of outdated and misleading information for potential sponsors. This also presents the time-consuming challenges of manual entry for the non-profit organization. The combination of Salesforce and WordPress helps non-profits streamline their fundraising and donor management as well as increase efficiency and staff productivity.

Event Management

If you’ve ever hosted an event, you know how many logistical details go into the responsibility. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of details to track, including ticket sales, a database of registered attendees, and communication with attendees. A Salesforce-WordPress integration manages all of these details and tasks in one place. The event website will always reflect updated ticket availability, the database remains up to date, and email communication is easy with streamlined list management.

Web User Management

Integrating your web user management with Salesforce empowers your organization to fully revamp your customer service practices and heighten your level of user engagement. Centralizing your CRM data provides a true 360 view of your customer base and provides insight into all of the ways in which you engage with your users. Specifically, User Profile data from Salesforce can be stored in custom fields on Salesforce Contact records, which allows marketing teams to create targeted campaigns and communications. Additionally, the integration would allow for the entire user lifecycle to be managed within Salesforce.


All organizations benefit from strong reporting. Did you know Salesforce’s extensive reporting capabilities permits your CRM team to create reports and dashboards that incorporate information from both web user profiles, as well as sales and customer service data? By launching this functionality, you can identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to craft stronger business and technology strategies.


Inventory Management

Product-based companies can display their existing inventory directly on their websites by bridging Salesforce and WordPress for one powerful system. Customers can shop online, knowing they’re browsing an updated catalogue. Our certified Salesforce Integration Architect builds workflows to ensure a smooth process not only for the end customer but also for internal team members handling the purchase in a database. For repeat customers, we can even build a login system and show transaction history, suggested purchases, and more, incentivizing them to return and driving brand loyalty.

Community Management

Through a Salesforce-WordPress integration, you can build an engaging community for prospects, customers, members, or other groups related to your organization. Users can sign up for access to the community right on your website; Salesforce handles the data logistics.

Start Planning Your Salesforce-WordPress Integration Today

Our team of Salesforce architects and developers stay focused on your overarching business goals to ensure the custom Salesforce-WordPress integration empowers your team and serves as an end-to-end business solution.

Learn more about how our team can help yours work directly on the platform without shortchanging your key public audiences with a Salesforce-WordPress integration. Contact our team today.