Soliant Consulting Earns Claris Excellence Award for Advocacy

Chicago, Ill. – August 6, 2020  – Soliant Consulting was honored by earning the Claris Excellence Award for Advocacy at Claris Engage, the platform’s 25th annual developer conference. The Claris Engage Excellence Awards recognize outstanding companies in the Claris ecosystem for development, design, innovation, education, and advocacy on the platform.

Soliant Consulting was honored as a leader in platform advocacy for its dedication to sharing insights and information related to customizing Claris software and helping others succeed on the workplace innovation platform. These efforts include white papers, webinars, blog posts, downloadable demos, video tutorials, and more. As a Claris Platinum Partner, Soliant also frequently contributes to various community forums to provide insights and solutions for others.

“Advocacy of FileMaker and its powerful business capabilities has always been a cornerstone of our team culture,” explains Bob Bowers, Soliant Consulting CEO. “I’m proud of our team’s frequent contributions and look forward to continuing to share our insights with the community and build strategic solutions on the evolving Claris platform.”

This award follows a long line of distinctions at the Claris annual developer conference. In 2017, the Platinum Partner received a FileMaker Excellence in Education award. In 2015, Senior Technical Architect, Wim Decorte, earned the title of FileMaker’s Leader of the Year for his involvement in the development community, forums, and conferences around the world. Soliant Consulting also earned recognition as Partner of the Year in 2012 and another FileMaker Excellence Award in 2008. CEO Bob Bowers has been honored numerous times for his leadership and development of technical resources for the Claris FileMaker community over the last 25 years.

As the Claris platform continues to expand, the Claris team at Soliant Consulting looks forward to continuing to help others learn about the platform and build innovative solutions.

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