Announcing Carafe, Your Powerful (and Free!) JavaScript Tool for FileMaker

Why JavaScript?

Infusing your FileMaker solution with JavaScript gives you access to more functionality, and as FileMaker, Inc., continues to align capabilities with the programming language, more developers on the platform have started to use it.

There’s just one problem. Learning JavaScript is not easy. Customizing it is even more complex. It takes significant effort and energy to implement and maintain.

Our team at Soliant wants to encourage and support FileMaker developers in leveraging JavaScript, we decided to build a bit of a shortcut, Carafe. The open-source tool simplifies the process of integrating JavaScript in FileMaker without sacrificing functionality.

How Carafe Works

Simply download Carafe and run it in your FileMaker solution.

By using Carafe, you get:

  1. Built-in package management
  2. Versioning of your implementation
  3. Simplified debugging
  4. Round-trip integration with JavaScript code editors
  5. Uncomplex integration and configuration with JavaScript libraries such as Datatables.js, Google Maps, rich text editors, an image gallery, calendar, charting, and more
  6. Access to developed bundles to hit the ground running

Community-Driven Capabilities

Our team built Carafe to empower other developers. We want to share our insights and empower others to enhance their FileMaker solutions. That’s why it’s free and open-source. We hope to build a community around and it and encourage you to add to it and share your upgrades with others.

Learn more about Carafe and get the files at Carafe.FM.

Carafe Updates

Carafe 2.2.0

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