Carafe Bundle: JSONEditor Example File

In his blog post, Jesse LaVere shares how to implement and use the JSONEditor Carafe bundle within your FileMaker solution.

He shares examples of how to:

  1. Load and save from a FileMaker field
  2. Add schema validation
  3. Remotely validate schema

Follow along with his demo file to learn more about the bundle and how Carafe can enhance your FileMaker solution.

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2 thoughts on “Carafe Bundle: JSONEditor Example File”

  1. Dear soliantconsulting – Team,

    I am very interested in your sample files on the website.
    Since Friday I’ve been trying to look at a few examples.
    Unfortunately, I don’t get an email with the links to download files.

    Is there something wrong with the mail server?

    Best regards

    Kay Möller

    1. Hi Kay Möller — we’ve checked our database and see that you successfully completed the forms and that the emails were sent to you with the download links. Would you check your Junk/Spam folder to see if the emails were sent there?

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