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FileMaker 15: Real World Scenario with iBeacons

Now that FileMaker can detect iBeacons that are in range, FileMaker apps have a new way to provide information to users. In this video, Martha Zink shares a demo file created by Bill Heizer, showing how FileMaker Go can use iBeacons to provide valuable information to attendees of a boat show, giving them live information about nearby vendors.
Martha Zink
May 31, 2016
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FileMaker 15: Collecting User Data with iBeacons

In this video, Martha Zink expands upon the iBeacon functionality in FileMaker 15 by showing how FileMaker can create a log every time a user checks for iBeacons nearby from a FileMaker app. With this information, a business can get a general idea of what users are most interested in or what areas of the location (in this case, museum).
Martha Zink
May 26, 2016
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FileMaker 15: Portal In-Line Progress Bar

FileMaker 15 users are no longer blocked from interacting with a layout due to a portal that is taking a long time to load. The new portal in-line progress bar feature (a.k.a. threaded portals) offloads the task of loading "expensive" portals onto separate worker threads, so that the main thread can finish more quickly and return control back to the…
Mislav Kos
May 19, 2016
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FileMaker 15: Introduction to iBeacons

Martha explains how FileMaker 15 interacts with iBeacons, bringing together physical space with data stored within a FileMaker app. This video shows the new FileMaker function, RangeBeacons, discussing the necessary and optional parameters, as well as the results from the function.
Martha Zink
May 17, 2016
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FileMaker 15: The Newly Improved Script Workspace

The newly improved script workspace in FileMaker 15 comes with some great enhancements. In this video, Jeremy Brown explores the error color coding conditions, general UI tweaks, and the much-requested undo/redo feature. We will look at these features as well as some things to watch out for as you use them. Video Transcript: Hello, my name is Jeremy Brown and…
Jeremy Brown
May 11, 2016