Zend Product Releases

Zend released a new version of Zend Studio on the 15th that inclues a handful of new features and a few bug fixes.  First on the list of new features is support for Apigility. For thoese who have not seen apigility yet it’s a Zend Framework 2 solution that makes it really easy to make robust rest API.  Studio 11 also includes a method to make Zend Server depoyment packages within the studio GUI. This added feature should help teams that use deployment packages stay in the IDE and not need to hit the terminal quite as often. Zend has also improved the intergration between Studio and server making it easier to mannage servers then it was in previous versions.

Zend Server 7 was released back at the start of the month and brings includes what Zend is calling Z-Ray.  Z-Ray is more or less the Zend Developer Tools ZF2 module but for any php script not just ZF2 projects.  The sad news about Zend Server 7 is they have removed the free/community eddition zend has softened the blow by offering a free developer license to people who had a 6 free license.

Full Disclosure: Soliant is a Zend partner.

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