Updates to the AWS Well-Architected Framework

In case you are not familiar with AWS’s Well-Architected Framework, it is a collection of best practices that allows customers to evaluate and improve the design, implementation, and operations of their workloads in the cloud.

The Well-Architected Framework has been a set of guiding principles for us at Soliant Consulting as we continue to develop and improve our managed hosting and custom development. That applies to our work in AWS, in particular, and in general across all development that we do.

The first version of the framework was published all the way back in 2012, with several updates along the way. In this latest update, they have made changes across all six pillars of the framework:

This is particularly important as new and evolving services and technologies continue to emerge, keeping cloud architects informed of the latest best practices to build and operate secure, high-performing, resilient, efficient, and sustainable systems.

One update that stands out is the newly added best practice area of Application Security (AppSec). Adopting application security testing as a regular part of your software development lifecycle helps to ensure that you have a structured mechanism to identify, fix, and prevent application security issues from entering your production environment.

These updates continue to inform and provide guidance to our best practices as we continue to deliver infrastructure and applications to our clients. They’re well-worth reading if you have the time.

Moving Forward in AWS

If you have any questions about how to leverage these pillars in your company’s cloud roadmap or have a cloud project you need a partner for, contact our team to get started.

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