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27Jan 2014

Script Triggers in FileMaker 13

About the Author

Mislav Kos Mislav Kos

Mislav is a FileMaker developer and a Senior Technical Project Lead at Soliant Consulting.

Comments (12)

Janamavida - February 12, 2014

I’m learning FMaker. Thank you.

Naomi Fujimoto - July 25, 2014

Wonderful article!
Can I translate this into Japanese and put it on my blog?

Mislav Kos
Mislav Kos - August 5, 2014

Hi Naomi, I'm glad you like it. By all means, please feel free to translate and add to your blog.

Matt Larson - November 18, 2014

Hi Mislov, we met at DevCon 2014 – hello again!

I think I had seen this diagram before, but I think I’ll save it this time. Very helpful. 🙂

Caroline Jones - February 3, 2015

Thanks – this is a very helpful article. One additional area where I find the FM Help documentation is particularly obtuse is in relation to events. No doubt future versions of FM will add triggers specific to events (I remember this in my days at Oracle back i the 90s!) but otherwise the behaviour eg around executing Find and OnModeExit trigger in Find mode is not intuitive.

I’ve just sent the following feedback to FM in relation to their Help documentation:

OnModeExit “Triggers a script to run before a user tries to exit the current mode on a layout.”

This does not make the behaviour of this trigger clear when used in Find Mode. In testing I’ve found that the trigger executes the script AFTER the find has been executed (even though in stepping through with debugger the Find Requests are still displayed until the script exits).

The documentation implies that the trigger should execute before the Perform Find (which is what I was hoping for). I have tested this by clearing the Find criteria in the OnModeExit script triggered in Find Mode and the resulting Found Set matches the (cleared) criteria.

Steven Harrison - February 11, 2015

An excellent breakdown of Script Triggers. The graphic was a great help. Thank you.

Binu Alexander - October 1, 2015

Cant get the demo file … there is no form i can see on the page !


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