4 Ways to Enhance Constituent & Program Management in Salesforce

If you’re a nonprofit researching CRM options, you’re likely aware of the Salesforce Power of Us program, which provides ten free Enterprise Edition licenses to the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack for qualified nonprofit organizations. This nonprofit version of Salesforce focuses on donor management features – but did you know that Salesforce also offers an out-of-the-box solution for program management?

Salesforce’s Program Management Module (PMM) offers a robust tool to manage programs that is easily customizable to fit your organization’s unique workflows. Best of all, it’s free to install – there’s no added licensing cost for this add-on.

For nonprofits that execute programs or provide services within their communities, tracking the constituents engaged in their programs and the services delivered to them is critical. Program managers need a system to manage their program execution work, while grant writers and development teams need to be able to show the impact of these programs. Often, funding for these programs comes from grants which require impact reports or KPIs on the program’s success to disburse funding. Tracking this data frequently happens in spreadsheets and emails, leaving room for human error as well as causing repetitive data entry and slowing your teams down.

If your nonprofit provides services to constituents, manages programs, and tracks deliveries or program cohorts, here are 4 top enhancements your organization can launch from Salesforce program management features.

1. Manage & Automate Your Programs

Track what programs are currently active, what services are provided as part of those programs, and who is receiving those services. Easily track both service deliveries and session attendance so you can see who has received what services from your organization or track constituent compliance to a program. Leverage Salesforce’s email tools to send communications across a program or build out automated workflows to allow constituents to self-register for programs.

Your programs aren’t cookie-cutter, and your program management system shouldn’t be, either. No matter how you serve your constituents, Soliant can help you customize a system that allows program managers or caseworkers to easily manage their workflows and track mission-critical data.

2. Build a 360 View of Your Constituents

Keep your contact lists up to date across the entire organization by enabling your program managers to update constituent contact information, track custom data points, or log their outgoing communication. By combining donor and program management with the relationship-tracking capabilities of Salesforce, you can easily identify your key contributors.

For example, a key constituent might donate both personally and through their company, as well as volunteer in your programs. By tracking all these activities in one system, you can easily identify and deliver the best experience to people who are the most engaged in your cause.

3. Real-Time Impact Reporting

Salesforce PMM provides a real-time look into your impact metrics. Easily view and share the number of people engaged in your programs, the number of sessions provided or deliveries made, or view custom KPIs with Salesforce’s robust report and dashboard capabilities.

Track funding for programs and documentation requirements for grants, identify action items or deadlines, and better manage your entire grant process. Give everyone on your team the power of data to make better decisions around program focus, constituent success, and more.

4. Integrate with Other Systems

The Salesforce ecosystem is robust, and a lot of commonly-used nonprofit tools provide some kind of out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce. Integrate your email marketing system (or use Salesforce’s marketing tools to easily target communications), your accounting system, or your website to facilitate internal workflows and make it easier for constituents to engage with your organizationIntegrate with Other Systems

Examples of Program Management with Salesforce

We’ve built program management systems for several of our nonprofit clients. Let’s cover two different examples of how Salesforce can be built to match your program management needs.

Tracking Educational Teams and Resources

Our first example is a client that provides educational services as part of its mission. This client runs professional internships as well as provides curriculums and materials to K-12 schools. As you can imagine, these are two very different types of programs with very different constituents, impact metrics, and delivery teams.

As part of this client’s Salesforce solution, we customized the Program Management module to track both types of programs. For educational materials and curriculums, program managers can track the schools that had received materials, what materials they received, and the number of students impacted, as well as manage the available curriculum catalog. For internship programs, we built custom features to track companies who had open internships, placed interns, and additional workforce management features like expense tracking and manager relationships. This allowed the client to track a constituent’s job history over time, showing how individual constituents had grown with the program over time and where their career had taken them.

For the same client, we were also implementing the core fundraising features available in the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. With a bit of additional customization, we were able to tie contracts and funding directly to the programs they supported, allowing end-to-end reporting on exactly how many students or interns were impacted at what schools with what funding – exactly what the client needed for the impact reporting.

Delivering Global Resources on a Local Scale with Salesforce and a Custom Web Portal

Our second example is much more custom. One of our national nonprofit clients works with cities across the country to provide services for people in their communities. Because the work is so distributed, local employees within each city utilizing the program deliver the services to folks in the community.

For this client, we built out a completely custom web portal where employees could log in, track the folks they were serving and get guidance throughout the service process. Building this tool on the Salesforce platform allows the national nonprofit organization to report on its impact across the entire country. This online platform is part of the value and impact that our client provides to their city partners and is an integral part of how they drive impact in their communities.

About Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud leverages a suite of projects to manage and grow fundraising efforts, marketing campaigns, donor engagement, and grant management programs. The platform allows nonprofit employees to see a single source of truth from anywhere at any time. And because it’s built on the foundation of the world’s leading CRM, Nonprofit Cloud empowers organizations to grow faster, with more data and opportunities at their fingertips.

Your Nonprofit’s Next Steps in Program Management

In the end, it’s up to you how you use these tools. But if you’re looking for a way to get more people involved in your organization and make it more effective, a custom implementation of Salesforce Nonprofit can help. Our Salesforce consulting team can help launch a custom strategy on the platform. Contact us to learn more.

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