Salesforce Dreamforce 2017: Day Four Recap

Unfortunately, most good things come to an end. I learned quite a bit and had a great time at Dreamforce this year, and the last day was no different.

The Internet of Things and Coding for the Next Generation

I started the day with a stop at the IoT booth, which showcased how they teach children to code. They had a lot of mini boards set up connected to laptops and a unique program sitting on each laptop. The boards had various wires, LEDs and sensors one can program on and then see either a motor turn or lights turn on. These systems are meant to get children interested in coding… but I must say that I found it very interesting myself as an adult.

After playing with the robots, I spent more time in the IoT section looking at Legos being powered and moving. I sent a video to my sister, because my nephew really loves Legos. I also watched demo of a “smart” refrigerator hooked up to sensors transmitting data online. These sensors can detect potential issues such as a door being left open too long. It then opens a case in Salesforce, allowing the manufacturer to notify their customers before the customer even realizes there is an issue with their door. Now that’s a great customer experience!

Developer Hack for More Time Coding, Less Time Debugging

My Soliant colleagues, Jayvin Arora and Krystian Charubin, led a session a pain point no developer can escape – the dreaded debugging. It’s not a fun topic, but it’s one none of us can avoid.  The presentation had a great turnout, they shared some insightful tips on how to debug quickly, properly, and methodically to reduce errors and time investment for developers. Jayvin and Krystian shared how to use the new Apex interactive debugger to find more issues more quickly but with fewer headaches. It’s been a game-changer for our development team, and I know they enjoyed sharing their insights and best practices with so many other developers in attendance.

Technical Governance in Salesforce

I wrapped up the day with a session in the ‘Sunset Canyon’ about Technical governance. This is crucial for all organizations to master, but with the rapid expansion of Salesforce, this is a bigger focus for teams collaborating on the platform. Technical and strategy professionals must unite to make Salesforce work for their businesses. The presenters discussed the full development process and how the various teams can successfully work together.

Leveraging Lessons Learned

Today was the end of a long week, and I am ready to get my rest before I put everything I learned to work for my clients. I hope you’ve enjoyed my team’s recaps of the week and are excited by Salesforce’s announcements. If you have any questions about the topics we’ve covered, please let us know!

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