7 Ways a Salesforce Consultant Can Support Your Nonprofit

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) helps nonprofits nurture donor relationships, track fundraising and marketing efforts, and manage programs. Salesforce consultants make the onboarding process as smooth as possible and offer long-term support and solutions.

Here are seven ways a Salesforce nonprofit consultant helps support your nonprofit: 

1. Assess Your Needs 

Successful nonprofits balance a clear mission and purpose with the ability to perform key functions like fundraising, program management, and donor relations. A Salesforce consultant will assess your organization’s specific needs and recommend which tools are the best fit. This involves evaluating your current processes, understanding the organization’s goals, and identifying gaps in productivity that an effective CRM implementation can address. 

2. Create A Custom Implementation

Salesforce nonprofit consultant will customize your Salesforce implementation, leveraging the right tools to meet your business objectives to save you hours of research. Our team at Soliant Consulting supports your nonprofit by tailoring Salesforce to fit your needs, not forcing you to follow a standard implementation.

The CRM offers several features a consultant may suggest, including: 

  • C360
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing and engagement
  • Program management
  • Grantmaking
  • Operations

3. Oversee Implementation 

Prolonged implementation delays productivity. Salesforce consultants are experienced in handling smooth integrations that won’t interrupt your organization’s day-to-day processes. Nonprofits often juggle multiple donor and fundraising events simultaneously; a consultant reduces implementation time so operations can keep moving forward. 

4. Streamline Your Processes 

Streamlined business processes keep your nonprofit running smoothly, preventing errors and increasing productivity. A Salesforce consultant identifies bottlenecks and customizes your CRM to optimize your processes. This includes automating manual tasks or integrating data. Soliant Consulting uses creative problem-solving to build scalable systems that will grow with your organization. 

5. Coordinate Seamless Integration 

Many nonprofits use multiple software applications to manage donor relationships and keep track of business expenses. Going between platforms can be time-consuming, and information may be lost or overlooked. Salesforce consultants consolidate and leverage data from across several systems to appear in one place. Connecting business apps in Salesforce provides valuable insights into how the organization is performing.

6. Provide Team Training 

Once your design is final, the Salesforce consultant oversees implementation and training. CRM training gets all users on the same page within the system, its functionality, and how to maximize its use. Your consultant will walk everyone through the customization features and is available to answer any questions throughout the implementation period. 

7. Performs Continual Enhancement

Support from a Salesforce consultant continues after your system is up and running. As the CRM evolves, your consultant updates configurations and recommends any new features or changes the organization may want to adopt. They’re also available to address any system or user issues. 

Find a Salesforce Nonprofit Consultant 

Salesforce is a powerful, customizable CRM with tools to help nonprofits manage their programs, donor relationships, and fundraising efforts. Using a Salesforce nonprofit consultant harnesses the power of this platform and creates a customized solution for your organization. Soliant Consulting creates adaptable and strategic implementations to help your nonprofit grow and run smoothly. Talk to one of our consultants today to learn more.

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