What Are the Responsibilities of a Salesforce Consultant?

A Salesforce consultant helps businesses influence and impact user behavior through optimized platform implementations and customized development. Because Salesforce is used by varying team and user types, this can look different from organization to organization.

Some of the roles performed by a consultant entail:

Strategizing Client Relationship Management

Sales teams use the original functionality of Salesforce – its CRM built for sales outreach – but the platform has become a valuable tool for customer service teams as well. No matter where your clients are in your funnel, you can use Salesforce to optimize their customer journey, especially with the help of an experienced consultant. Our consultants can help your sales team build a valuable connection with your customers through a personalized Salesforce platform that also enables your customer service teams to handle clients’ requests and establish long-term engagement. Critical customized functionality includes automated marketing messages and case management, for example.

Mapping Out Business Processes

Salesforce consultants who make a difference for their clients scrutinize their business processes – both on and off the platform – and uncover ways to improve them by leveraging platform functionality. For example, our team reviews operational workflows, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies via a multitude of collaborative methods. We then offer insights and strategies to build and reinforce better processes, often building customized platform features to support these operational shifts.

And we don’t just look for inefficiencies. Our team looks for manual processes that could be automated, like data flows, communications, and gaps in functionality that our clients may not even know about. We find areas of friction and brainstorm ways to remove them and further streamline our clients’ workflows.

For example, we’ve developed a model for making it possible for our clients to automatically engage their customers that allow them to collect information from their prospective clients and collaborators., without having to invest in extra costly licenses. These portals open up the flow of data between internal Salesforce enterprise users and unlicensed external users, reducing manual administrative work for our clients while empowering their customers.

Creating and Managing Project Plans

A strong Salesforce consultant doesn’t hold a meeting or two and jump right into solutioning and developing. Creating a successful project plan is just as important as the work itself. We first gather information and requirements and evaluate current and potential improvements, involving all key stakeholders to ensure the final solution aligns with the needs of all critical users as well as the business as a whole. This collaborative approach ensures efficient adoption and practical implementation of the final solution.

Then comes the actual development work. Our development process focuses on the architecture and technical components of your solution. We include our clients in our regular status meetings, allowing them to maintain control and visibility into their projects. As a client, you are an active member of the development team, staying apprised of updates and providing feedback throughout the lifecycle. We ensure you can see the software coming together and adjust course as your solution evolves.

Many experienced Salesforce consulting partners don’t require their business analysts and consultants to handle these responsibilities entirely themselves. We’re all focused on keeping lines of communication open and the project, budget, and scope on track. They liaise between all parties and ensure the client feels comfortable and confident in the project plan.

Collaborating with Your Technical Staff

A flexible Salesforce consultant offers ongoing support to your in-house technical team on navigating the Salesforce platform. Our team works with internal development teams to fill holes in their expertise, manage large projects they don’t have time for, and scale up when businesses experience a customer surge.

Our consultants regularly review business demands and update our clients’ Salesforce systems accordingly to help their business scale, stay on top of new changes and functionality with each release, and advise our clients on how to navigate and leverage new features. When handling client issues, our consultants evaluate the impact on the entire system and recommend areas that need improvement.

Contact a Dependable Salesforce Consultant

Your Salesforce solution should have a major impact on your business operations and deliver a strong technology ROI. Choosing an experienced Salesforce consultant who understands the scope of your business significantly improves the platform’s efficiency. Our team of Salesforce experts is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient development services for all our clients. Contact us to learn how we can help you take your Salesforce solution to the next level. 

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