The New Claris Platform

On September 8, 2022, Claris unveiled the Claris platform.

Wait… don’t we already have a Claris platform? A platform that consists of the whole FileMaker product line: FileMaker Pro and Go, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Cloud, FileMaker WebDirect, and additionally Claris Connect that you can subscribe to separately?

Yes, we do, and now we have two platforms. The existing FileMaker platform remains as-is, and the Claris Platform is new. 

The Claris Platform combines everything that we already have and adds Claris Studio to it, to ultimately consist of:

  • Claris Pro
  • Claris Server
  • Claris Go
  • Claris WebDirect
  • Claris Connect
  • Claris Studio

All are bundled under a single license, providing access to all these products.

More about the new Studio in a little bit, but first, we want to make sure that the difference between the two platforms is well understood.

Differences Between FileMaker and Claris Platforms

Here are the main differences:

  1. Existing FileMaker solutions need to be converted to be used with the Claris platform. That is a one-way street because of:
    • Claris solutions only use Claris ID as their identity provider. Local FileMaker accounts are disabled in the conversion process, and support for external identity stores such as AD or any OAuth provider is currently not in the Claris Platform.
    • The Claris ID requirement also means that you will always need an internet connection to be able to log into your Claris solutions.
  2. Claris Server is only available on Ubuntu Linux. If you need Windows or macOS to be your server operating system, you’ll need to remain with the FileMaker Platform.
  3. Integrations through ODBC and JDBC and the older XML and PHP APIs are not supported on Claris Server.
  4. WebDirect worker machines are not (yet) supported with Claris Server. If you are currently using those, then continue to use the FileMaker Platform
  5. Only Claris Pro/Go and Claris Server can interact with the data stored in Claris Studio. While FileMaker Pro can display some of the Studio views in a webviewer, it cannot directly read, update or create data that is in a Claris Studio table. If you want to use Claris Studio but cannot upgrade all your existing FileMaker users and servers to Claris Pro, then we can certainly help develop integrations between the two since both platforms support the Data and OData APIs.
  6. If your current FileMaker Platform licensing uses the concurrency model, then there is no equivalent in the Claris platform. If you want to make use of the new Claris platform, then contact us, and we can help you navigate the licensing waters.
  7. While Claris Connect is officially listed under the Claris Platform, it still integrates nicely with your FileMaker solutions. The existing connectors to your FileMaker Server remain functional, and FileMaker Pro can still trigger Claris Connect flows.

If some of the above Claris Platform requirements prevent you from using them fully, the good news is that the licensing for the Claris Platform also includes the full FileMaker platform.

Claris Platform Pricing

At first glance, the pricing structure for the Claris Platform is favorable. It is priced at 25% above the current FileMaker Platform pricing. Remember, though, that the Claris Platform license includes the full FileMaker platform. For new licenses and renewals, the price differential makes it very tempting to consider getting both platforms by choosing the Claris platform licensing.

FileMaker Platform is Here to Stay

It is important to note that the FileMaker platform is not being abandoned. It has a solid place in the Claris product portfolio. It clearly is Claris’ aim to evolve both platforms by adding more features to Connect and Studio to entice you to consider using the added power in the larger platform.

As to the current limitations: we will keep an eye on the roadmaps to see when they are resolved. We can certainly help you analyze your use cases and guide you to the right tool for the job.

The New Hatchling/Addition to the Platform: Claris Studio

Claris Studio has been discussed extensively in the community in the last few months, including the event that we organized together with Proof+Geist.

True to Claris’ stated strategy of iterating very quickly on features for Claris Studio, there have been significant changes made to Studio in the weeks since

It has evolved from a simple form builder with one-way data flows from Studio to Claris Pro to a tool that allows different types of views (forms, spreadsheets, dashboards, Kanban) with data that can be pushed from Claris Pro to Studio.

Keep your eye out for an announcement for an extensive webinar where we will look in-depth at what Studio is and where it fits in our thinking about building with both the Claris and the FileMaker platforms. You can sign up for our newsletter to be one of the first to register.

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