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Use New Windows to Preserve State

Learn to preserve a user’s state by using a pragmatic design approach and; leveraging new windows, from certified developers in FileMaker.

Lose a Layout, Gain a Function

Find out how FieldNames, an obscure but useful feature, can get even more functionality out of your FileMaker solution from certified developers.

Burndowns considered harmful?

If you’re a project manager, you constantly look for the perfect way to report on project progress. Consider this discussion when weighing the options.

The Disempowered Project Manager

Empower project managers when working with decision makers on software projects by taking strategic steps to gathering essential information.

SuperContainer and mounted volumes

Having problems with your configured SuperContainer not showing all the files it previously created? Check out our solution here.

The Case for Custom Software

Find this discussion of how custom software can be leveraged to your advantage, when considering the best solutions for business workflows.

Quiet, Please! Cut Down on Visual Noise.

Check out this strategy to cut down on visual noise and highlight what’s important and to de-emphasize what isn’t. Your users will thank you for it.

ScriptMaster: A New Paradigm

Learn about ScriptMaster – a free plugin that embeds Java, and provides a means of registering any Java function as a FileMaker function call.
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