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Story Points Explained

Find a detailed description of story points and make that crucial separation between estimates of size and estimates of effort.

The Power of Division, Part 2

As a follow up to Part 1, this post adds other aspects of algorithmic complexity to the discussion and shows their implications.

The Power of Division, Part 1

Learn to use recursion in a custom function to implement iteration in FileMaker, increasing your return on investment from certified developers.

Development vs. Deployment

Find our discussion on the skills required for delivering, analyzing and maintaining a good deployment that are often ignored.

Soliant Serves Up Inspiration

Read about Inspiration Corporation’s powerful mission and how Soliant was able to contribute to their goals through volunteering and sharing profits.

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Craig Stabler discusses the benefits of spending a little more upfront to avoid a breakdown later when it comes to your business software solutions.
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