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29Jan 2019

FileMaker Templates: Give Your Users a Better Experience

About the Author

Alycia McGuire Alycia McGuire

Alycia is an Associate Application Developer in Soliant’s Houston office, working remotely from Minnesota. When not working, Alycia enjoys cooking, house projects, fishing, and anything that gets her out of the house.

Comments (6)

Danny - March 7, 2019

Where would I find a list of your FM-templates

dezkevKevin - March 7, 2019

Hi, thanks for the templates. Excellent.
I have a small issue, in the Jobs Template from the “Edit time entry” layout , i click on one record and a card window pops up with details for me to edit. However the card window height is taller than my display height ( using a laptop 15″) and so the button to close the window goes off screen – so i cannot close the card window. I have to quit Filemaker. Do you have an email I can send you a screen shot. Thanks Kevin

nomfjmt - March 17, 2019

Thank you for your extensive explanations for the new templates.
I wonder why Japanese page doesn’t give those templates yet.
And please allow me to point out that, in the Strategic Navigation section, the navigation window will open to the “right”, not “left.”

    Alycia McGuire
    Alycia McGuire - March 23, 2019

    Thank you for the feedback! At this time, FileMaker, Inc. has not localized for all languages.

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