FileMaker Server 17 and the Crucial ‘stats.log’

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stats.log on FileMaker Server

There is no log file more important on your FileMaker Server then the ‘stats.log’. It delivers invaluable information on how your deployment is behaving across the four traditional bottlenecks of any server:

  • Is the processing power sufficient?
  • Can the disk speed handle the volume?
  • Is there enough memory available?
  • Does the network card give me enough bandwidth?

The information in that log will help you troubleshoot performance bottlenecks in your solution. The stats.log also will help you plan and extrapolate whether the current server can handle any new load you have in mind. It will inform you if it is safe to use more PSoS or more server-side schedules or add a few WebDirect users. Without this log, you are, in effect, flying blind.

stats.log in FileMaker Server 16

In FileMaker Server 16, the toggle to enable this log was in the Admin Console as shown below:

Figure 1 - screenshot of toggle for stats.log in FileMaker Server 16 Admin Console

Figure 1 – Toggle for stats.log in FileMaker Server 16 Admin Console (click image to enlarge)

The statistics themselves were visible in the Console too as shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2 - screenshot of statistics in FileMaker Server 16 Admin Console

Figure 2 – Statistics shown in FileMaker Server 16 Admin Console (click image to enlarge)

That is not so anymore in the new FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console.

stats.log in FileMaker Server 17

In the FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console, you can only toggle the top call stats log. To view any of the logs, you must download them (see Figure 3):

Figure 3 - screenshot of FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console and selecting log file(s) to download

Figure 3 – Download log files in FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console (click image to enlarge)

Finding the stats.log in FileMaker 17

As per my previous blog post on missing features in FileMaker 17 illustrates, you may think the stats.log is no longer available in FileMaker Server 17. Rest assured: it is still there.

However, it is also still turned off by default. (I really wish it wasn’t.) Because we do not get visual reminders of of this in the new Admin Console, you may easily forget about it.

Turning on the stats.log in FileMaker 17

The very first thing I do when I install a new FileMaker Server or log into one already running is turn on the stats.log. I do not like flying blind…

In FileMaker Server 17, you can only do so from the command line on the server itself – or through a secure tunnel to the command line on the server (see Figure 4):

Figure 4 - screenshot of command to turn on stats.log in FileMaker Server 17

Figure 4 – Turn on the stats.log in FileMaker Server 17 (click image to enlarge)

While you are there you can also enable the Client Stats log:

fmsadmin enable clientstats
Figure 5 - verifying the logging internal and log size setting

Figure 5 – Verifying the logging interval and log size setting

That client stats log as well as the top call stats log will turn themselves off on every FileMaker Server restart, but the regular stats.log will remain on after issuing this command.

Next, I will verify what the logging interval is and how big the log size setting is:

fmsadmin get serverconfig:

The default settings of logging every 30 seconds and keeping the log size at 40MB is usually sufficient. If you want to change them, the command would be:

fmsadmin set serverconfig statsinterval=15

This, for example, would change the interval to 15 seconds.

Accessing Your Data in the stats.log

Now that we can sleep easy knowing our server deployment will log valuable performance data, how do we get the data when we need it?

You cannot download the stats.log and the ClientStats.log from the Admin Console. You will need to grab them from the FileMaker Server logs folder (see Figure 6).

Figure 6 - Get the stats.log and ClientStats.log from the FileMaker Server logs folder

Figure 6 – Get the stats.log and ClientStats.log from the FileMaker Server logs folder (click image to enlarge)

Questions About the stats.log

As always: post any questions on or as a comment on this blog, and we’ll be happy to help out.

For a full run-down of the new Admin Console, the configuration options that are available from the command line, the new Admin API and the new Console, and a dedicated Tech Brief on monitoring your FileMaker Server, download comprehensive white papers.

Leveraging New Features in FileMaker 17

If you have any questions about how to benefit from the features in FileMaker 17, please contact our team. We’re happy to help your team determine the best way to leverage new functionality for your FileMaker solution.

Wim Decorte

Wim Decorte

Wim is a Senior Technical Solution Architect at Soliant. He is a FileMaker 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 Certified FileMaker Developer and the author of numerous Tech Briefs and articles on FileMaker Server. Wim is one of the very few multiple FileMaker Excellence Award winners and was most recently awarded the FileMaker Community Leader of the Year award at the 2015 FileMaker Developer Conference. He is also a frequent speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference and at FileMaker Developer groups throughout the world. In addition to being a renowned expert on FileMaker Server, Wim also specializes in integrating FileMaker with other applications and systems. His pet project is the open source fmDotNet connector class that he created.

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