Launch FileMaker 2023 Functionality with®

The release of FileMaker 2023 represents an opportunity for customers to have the latest available operating system that the FileMaker Platform supports, along with an up-to-date Operating System with the latest security updates and patches.

What is® delivers a dynamic and reliable cloud-based deployment for your FileMaker solution. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we manage the entire infrastructure setup to provide a complete end-to-end solution. We thoroughly tailor each instance to the FileMaker platform. We then empower our clients to automatically scale resources up and down, as needed. Our hosting service includes dedicated ongoing support to ensure our clients get the most out of their cloud services and FileMaker solutions.

How to Get FileMaker 2023 Functionality Now

New clients will receive builds equipped with FileMaker Server 2023. If you’re not on yet, you can request a free quote here.

Existing clients may request an update to their server via our client portal. Current clients can expect a migration to FileMaker Server 2023 by September 2023 as a required update, depending on their availability and schedule. If you wish to update before then, you can simply requesting an update via the client portal.

FileMaker 2023 + leverages best-in-class FileMaker Server hosting on AWS. All of our images and processes have been vetted and tested for improvement by our team of both FileMaker and AWS experts.

Our services ensure compatibility with our extensive selections of services that include:

  • OptiFlex Dynamic Docket: Schedule server uptime in order to greatly reduce monthly costs. Perfect for development servers.
  • OptiFlex DR (Disaster Recovery): Leverage on-demand cross-region disaster recovery for your on-prem or hosted servers.
  • SnapBack Premium: Back up your data every 15 minutes at unbeatable costs.
  • WebDirect Auto-Scaling: Automatically detect server load to deploy worker machines for WebDirect implementations. also offers options for advanced networking setups. These include site-to-site VPN connectivity, as well as options for End User Compute (EUC) providing virtual desktops for users. SideCars

Launch custom solutions for your FileMaker business application.

  • Amazon Web Services S3: Extend the power of FileMaker dealing with container objects by off-loading the storage and retrieval to Amazon S3. Learn more.
  • FileMaker WebHook Notifier: Launch innovative functionality in your FileMaker application by receiving webhooks from other web applications. Messages are queued and processed in order. Learn more.
  • FileMaker Webhook Notifier for Intuit: Integrate Intuit with FileMaker to streamline and manage your business finances, payments, and employee payroll. Learn more.
  • FileMaker WebHook Direct: Provide industrial strength endpoints for your FileMaker solution to receive webhooks from other web apps directly. Learn more.

Partner with an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

We partner with AWS, the most advanced and sophisticated cloud platform, to provide the best possible experience for FileMaker hosting. Our team earned the designation of Advanced Consulting Partner within the Amazon Partner Network in May of 2021 following a surge of growth on®, achievements within the AWS Solution Provider and CloudFormation Service Delivery programs.

Our team has launched more than 1,000 client implementations and is the only Claris Platinum Partner hosting provider that has achieved AWS Advanced Tier Partner status. Because of our significant investment in our expertise and partnership with AWS, we feel we know better than anyone how to architect scalable, resilient, and extendable cloud hosting.

To learn more about our services, contact our team.

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