Dreamforce 2016: What a First-Timer is Looking Forward To

This is the first in a series of daily posts that will recap what’s happening at Dreamforce 2016.

Anyone who really knows me knows that I love to travel, but have yet to go the west coast for an unknown reason. When I received an email and the subject read “Welcome to Dreamforce,” I knew that soon I would be on my way to San Francisco for the first time in my life. I’ll be attending my very first convention not involving fellow geeks or comics, but instead as a professional in my field. Aside from the excitement of heading to the west coast for the first time, I’m looking forward to three things during my time in San Francisco while attending Dreamforce:

  • First, is finally having the chance to meet more of my team and colleagues in person. The team lunch and dinner that is set up for us the days before Dreamforce begins sounds like the perfect way to finally break the ice and introduce myself to those that only know my voice, or those who don’t even know who I am yet. Whichever the case is, I’m looking forward to finally meeting everyone and putting a face to the voice as I like to say.
  • Second, is being able to network with other attendees who are either both starting off with Salesforce or those that have been working with Salesforce for many years. Before I started working at Soliant, I quickly learned that networking is such a key part to success in a growing field. Knowing this, I’ll be looking forward to going out there and meeting others and hopefully establishing good relationships.
  • Third, I’m excited for the sessions that I will be attending, especially the sessions involving Apex. As I was receiving help with choosing which sessions I’ll be attending during the event, I would read the description feeling confused since I’m still new to Salesforce. Now, with a little more training under my belt, I can’t wait to attend, learn, and enhance what I already know and see it in another perspective —  whether it may be from the hands-on learning sessions, which I’m hoping are geared more towards a smaller version of a real-world example, or more of the Trailhead modules seeing as how effective they are. Also, I know that my colleagues, Jayvin Arora and Sara Severson are presenting on more advanced topics, but if time permits I’d like to attend their sessions as well.

With this being my first Dreamforce, and being new to Salesforce, I know that I’m going to be overwhelmed with everything that will be going on. There were sessions that sounded really interesting but way more advanced than I could probably handle right now. However, for the sessions that I will be attending, I’ll be ready to take notes, ask questions, and engage in conversation with others attending, etc. It will be an exciting time at Dreamforce 2016 with so many firsts for me. First time heading to the west coast, first time meeting many colleagues in person, first time really being able to network at an event like Dreamforce, first time being at a keynote, and first time attending a convention like Dreamforce. There are many other firsts I’m excited for outside of Dreamforce (In-N-Out Burgers). The list can continue, so I’ll just leave it at this: I’m ready for everything that this trip and Dreamforce will consist of.

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