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DevCon 2019 in Review: Watch Soliant’s Sessions

Every August, our entire FileMaker team travels to FileMaker’s annual developer conference to meet with clients, network with clients, and refine our skills. For years, we’ve been fortunate to share our insights with others through presentations. This year, our team presented on six topics. View them here.

Detective Bootcamp: Debugging Best Practices

Makah Encarnacao, Project Tech Lead

From Clutter to Clarity: Redesigning Layouts for Improved User Experience

Mark Baum, Senior Application Developer

Server Monitoring with Zabbix

Wim Decorte, Senior Technical Solutions Architect
Mislav Kos, Senior Technical Project Lead

Soliant.cloud: Taking FileMaker Hosting to the Next Level

Bill Heizer, Senior Technical Architect

Big or Small: How to Contribute to the Community

Makah Encarnacao, Project Tech Lead

Data Modeling — Hands-on Lab

Martha Zink, Senior Technical Project Lead

The choices you make when organizing your information determine what your app can show to the user and what your app can do. Martha’s hands-on session helped attendees learn about key concepts about data modeling, planning out an app by identifying entities, and creating a diagram of the data model. She trained them on identifying attributes and entities, different relationship types, how an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) translates to the Relationships Graph, and how to build the basics of a FileMaker app based on your data model.

Our team was excited to hear about FileMaker’s rebrand to Claris and to learn about the many things the organization has planned over the next year. If you have any questions about new opportunities for your FileMaker solution, we’re happy to share our insights.

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