FileMaker 19: Creating New Apps Directly on FileMaker Cloud

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One of the smaller new features introduced in FileMaker Pro 19 is a smooth integration with FileMaker Cloud. FileMaker Cloud is Claris’ own managed FileMaker Server cloud hosting of your apps.

With this new functionality, you can create a new FileMaker app directly on the FileMaker Cloud server, saving you the hassle of creating it locally and uploading it to your server. You can start sharing that file immediately, and even if you are just starting the development process, you have automatic backups.

In your copy of FileMaker Pro 19, in the launch center in the My Apps section, make sure that you are logged in with your Claris ID (your old FileMaker ID):

Screenshot of Claris ID login in the Launch Center

Figure 1. Log in with your Claris ID

Screenshot of the Lauch Center in the "My Apps" section

Figure 2. Launch center in the “My Apps” section

From the FileMaker menu, select File > Create New

Screenshot of the FileMaker menu with the File menu opened and 'Create New' selected

Figure 3. Select ‘Create New…’ on the File menu

This will bring up the dialog where you can select from the available templates. If you want to start from scratch with an empty app, then select Blank:

Screenshot of available FileMaker templates

Figure 4. Select the ‘Blank’ template to start from scratch with an empty app

Click the blue Create button on the lower right, and you will see a new dialog that defaults to your FileMaker Cloud organization. If you do not want to save the file directly to your FileMaker Cloud server, choose On My Mac… instead (or On My PC… on Windows).

Screenshot of saving file which defaults to your FileMaker Cloud organization

Figure 5. Location of saving new file defaults to your FileMaker Cloud organization

Change the name from untitled to what you want your app to be named and click the Save button.

Depending on your connection speed to the cloud, FileMaker Pro will take a little while to create the file and upload it to the server:

Screenshot of file being saved and uploaded to the server

Figure 6. Saving the file which is uploaded to the server

When the app is created, it will open in your FileMaker Pro. A few things to note:

  1. Your Claris ID account will be the only active account in this new app, and it will be assigned Full Access:
Screenshot of full access ID

Figure 7. Active Claris ID account with Full Access

The usual native FileMaker accounts are disabled.

Screenshot of the disabled native FileMaker accounts

Figure 8. Native FileMaker accounts disabled

  1. The Full Access privilege automatically has permissions to access the file as hosted plus access through WebDirect. No other privileges are assigned to it.
Screenshot of the Extended Privileges for Full Access account

Figure 9. Extended privileges for the Full Access account

With the app hosted on FileMaker Cloud, you can now continue to build it out, and add other members from your Cloud team to it.

This particular feature does not work except with FileMaker Cloud, but hopefully, we will see it get introduced to the regular versions of FileMaker Server for Windows, macOS, and the upcoming Linux version.

If you have questions about the differences in capabilities and scalability of using an on-premise FileMaker Server, using Claris’ FileMaker Cloud or our own managed hosting in, contact our team.

Wim Decorte

Wim Decorte

Wim is a Senior Technical Solution Architect at Soliant. He is a FileMaker 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 Certified FileMaker Developer and the author of numerous Tech Briefs and articles on FileMaker Server. Wim is one of the very few multiple FileMaker Excellence Award winners and was most recently awarded the FileMaker Community Leader of the Year award at the 2015 FileMaker Developer Conference. He is also a frequent speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference and at FileMaker Developer groups throughout the world. In addition to being a renowned expert on FileMaker Server, Wim also specializes in integrating FileMaker with other applications and systems. His pet project is the open source fmDotNet connector class that he created.

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