Carafe: The Fast & Free Tool to Implementing JavaScript In FileMaker

Adding JavaScript to your FileMaker solution allows you to customize your functionality and do more on the platform. The opportunities are endless.

While these capabilities have only recently started to become mainstream, it’s evident FileMaker, Inc., has aligned behind the programming language. The company has launched native JSON functions, two robust JSON APIs, a Node.js server that ships with the product, and a pure JavaScript Admin Console. As a result, interest in JavaScript within the FileMaker developer community is growing.

After implementing JavaScript for our FileMaker clients, we quickly realized we had to find a better method. That’s why we built Carafe, a free, open-source project that streamlines the process of integrating and working with JavaScript in FileMaker.

Unfortunately, working with JavaScript in FileMaker isn’t exactly straightforward. It takes a lot of time and effort to implement and maintain required specialized techniques. This deters many developers on the platform.

Announcing Carafe

Carafe provides built-in package management, versioning of your implementation, simplified debugging, round-trip integration with JavaScript code editors. You can easily integrate and configure JavaScript libraries such as Datatables.js, Google Maps, rich text editors, an image gallery, calendar, charting, and so much more.

A Free, Open-source Solution

We want to share Carafe to help other developers customize their FileMaker implementations with JavaScript, so we’ve decided to make the solution publicly-available. It’s open-source, so you can download the files and make it your own. In fact, we encourage you to add to it and share your upgrades with others.

Launching Soon

Carafe is coming soon! Get the files first by signing up for alerts here.

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