Introducing Carafe v3

Soliant is pleased to announce a major new version of Carafe. The new version introduces a bundle format change, and it will automatically upgrade any version 2 bundle when you import it into Carafe v3.

Carafe v3 streamlines the process of configuring, editing, and testing Bundles.

What is Carafe?

In case you’re not familiar already, Carafe is a container format with a supporting toolchain that simplifies the process of integrating JavaScript in FileMaker. It’s completely free and open-source, and we encourage you to use and add to it! Learn more.

Here are a few highlights of what’s new in v3.

Enhanced Deployment Options

Powerful new deployment options give you full control over how you want to integrate a bundle into your solution without having to touch the internals of the deployed bundle script. Customizable web viewer name and pre-configurable optional advanced options deliver deployed scripts that are truly self-contained. Just provide the runtime parameter, and never again worry about keeping track of manual changes to the deployed script internals.

Deployment Options
Figure 1. Deployment Options

Offline Library Support

Perhaps the biggest feature of Carafe v3 is under the hood. The robust new bundle format delivers many important enhancements, but the most exciting one is support for offline libraries. Prior versions of Carafe could indicate whether or not a bundle worked offline, but implementing offline support was impractical for all but the most basic of bundles. Carafe v3 provides direct support for embeddable libraries, opening new possibilities for offline-compatible bundles based on complex open-source packages, or based on custom/proprietary code.

Bundle Offline Mode Indicator
Figure 2. Bundle Offline Mode Indicator

Canonical Bundle Homepages

The new bundle format allows for a reliable and consistent way for users to find updates and provide feedback to the bundle creator.

Bundle Homepage Button
Figure 3. Bundle Homepage Button

Configuration Wizard

One of the first challenges to overcome when customizing or creating your own bundles is getting the config.json syntax right. The new config wizard provides a leg up for developers who want to get started with modding or creating their own Carafe bundles.

Carafe v3 Config Wizard
Figure 4. Carafe v3 Config Wizard

Change Log

Carafe 3.0

Enhancements and Additions

  • Addition of many new bundles
  • Exciting updates to existing bundles
  • Enhanced deployment options
  • Addition of bundle homepage
  • Automatic conversion from draft-01 bundle schema to draft-02 bundle schema
  • Bundle configuration wizards
  • Improved bundle validation

Carafe Bundler CLI 3.0

Enhancements and Additions

  • Incorporation of community discussion and consensus on new bundle format
  • New CLI bundle create wizard simplifies setting up a new bundle
  • Addition of schema support for embedded libraries
  • Addition of schema support for vendor-definable bundle properties
  • Addition of urlLocation property for canonical bundle home page
  • Enhanced validation error messages
  • Enhanced support for strict types
  • Addition of new extensible vendors section
  • Customizable CLI sendFmpUrl in package.json

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