What Changes Have You Seen in Business Technology Over the Last Decade?

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The following was taken from a recent technology roundtable discussion in which we participated. This post takes the opportunity to expand on that exchange.

Evolution vs. Revolution

A lot has changed over the last 10…15…20 years in business technology. Most of those changes have not been revolutionary — those types of big impacting changes are rare. However, incremental changes over time to add up to enormous changes. It is very much a case of evolution vs. revolution, in which you wake up one day, and the entire world has changed.

Businesses are expected to be increasingly more agile through flex time and workspaces that require resources accessible from anywhere. Employees, developers, and vendors need remote access to work from home at different hours. They need assets available without compromising privacy or security. There have more options than ever before to et this access, including custom web applications, virtual desktop infrastructure, VPN, and secure applications.

Elastic Infrastructure

Businesses must also meet the demand of their customers. When demand fluctuates, up as well as down, infrastructure should meet the peak demand while remaining cost-effective when demand reduces. Ideally, resources will be scalable to handle these different demands. Taking advantage of cloud infrastructure in this way can provide enormous potential cost savings while allowing businesses to remain competitive in the marketplace.

The software we use has also changed over time, becoming increasingly compatible with online work in general. A good example is FileMaker Pro, which is much more resilient over a wide area network and more performant now more than ever. The platform is an excellent candidate to utilize the advantages of migrating to the cloud.

Meeting Evolving Needs

Cloud capabilities and offerings are constantly evolving to meet these needs in ways not possible, practical, or financially viable through traditional on-premises hardware or virtual infrastructure. There is tremendous room for growth and potential in the capabilities offered in this new landscape.

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Mike Duncan

Mike Duncan

Mike is a Senior AWS Cloud Engineer and an AWS Certified Solutions Architect as well as a certified FileMaker Developer. In addition to his work, Mike also enjoys pursuing his art, freelance writing, traveling, and spending time with his family.

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