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An Introduction to Query Builder

Mislav Kos explains how to use Query Builder, a FileMaker tool he created to help write ExecuteSQL expressions. The tool does not rely on a wizard; queries are typed out manually. Key features include automated formatting of queries, assisted troubleshooting, and easier table and field name abstraction. Read the blog post...
Mislav Kos
December 13, 2013

Script Triggers Drawn Out

1/27/14: Check out the updated version of this post (updated for FileMaker 13). There are quite a few nuances in how FileMaker script triggers function. Two of the more straightforward ones are the sequence that script triggers evaluate in (e.g. OnObjectKeystroke fires before OnLayoutKeystroke) and the timing of a script as compared to the event that triggered it (i.e. pre-…
Mislav Kos
October 22, 2012

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