Carafe Feature Tour Playlist

In this collection of videos, we help to familiarize you with the features and capabilities of Carafe for deploying JavaScript packages to your FileMaker solution.

For more information visit or the Carafe FMForum.

Anatomy of a Carafe Bundle

The Carafe Bundle JSON file format represents everything needed to browse, share, and deploy a JavaScript package in FileMaker. It is designed to be compact and portable, but it’s unwieldy for humans. Therefore, Carafe tooling splits up the Bundle into source files.

Jeremiah Small explains the purpose of the five separate source files and how best to work with them.

Find and Share a Carafe Bundle

Jeremiah Small walks through the basics of finding and sharing a Carafe Bundle.

Configure a Carafe Bundle

In this video, Jeremiah Small, Director of Engineering at Soliant Consulting, shares instructions on how to configure a bundle before you deploy it. He covers four basic configuration options:

  • Managing Bundle meta data directly in Carafe.fmp12
  • Using the integrated online editor
  • Link a Bundle to your local code editor such as VSCode
  • Compatibility with WidgetStudio

Deploy a Carafe Bundle

Carafe deployment is fast and easy. There are a few different deployment options to consider. Jeremiah Small walks through the options available when you deploy a Carafe Bundle and covers some best practices for passing FileMaker data into your deployed Bundle.

Preparing macOS for Local Carafe Development

Jeremiah Small demonstrates how to set up Visual Studio Code (VS Code) as a Carafe dev environment. Use the terminal in VS Code to install Homebrew package manager, then use it to install NPM (Node Package Manger).

Preparing Windows for Local Carafe Development

In this video, Jeremiah Small shows how to prepare your local Carafe dev environment on Windows. Install Visual Studio Code (VSCode) and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Then enable Bash as the default command shell in VS Code. Finally, install Homebrew package manager, then use it to install NPM (Node Package Manger).

Testing and Troubleshooting Part 1

In part one of Testing and Troubleshooting Carafe, Jeremiah Small demonstrates the advantages of hosting Carafe. Log into Carafe from all the FileMaker client platforms. Use this technique to smoke test in near real-time as you save, edit, and configure it in your development environment.

Testing and Troubleshooting Carafe Part 2

In part two of Testing and Troubleshooting Carafe, Jeremiah Small shows how to enable the Web Viewer to allow you to access its console. The browser console is a developer tool that is useful when trying to get JavaScript functioning properly.

Advanced Development Introduction Part 1

In part one, Jeremiah Small shows some advanced techniques using the command line (Terminal) for working with a Carafe Bundle.

If you haven’t already installed Visual Studio Code (VSCode) and NPM, watch the video that explains how to set up your local dev environment:

Advanced Development Introduction Part 2

In part two, Jeremiah Small shows how to use the Carafe Bundle Creator to initialize a new Bundle. He also shows how to use the Watch, Watch Send, and Force Watch Send CLI functions.

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