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Browse through our Lightning Component Library below and take advantage of any you find useful. Please let our team know if you have any questions.

Lightning Component Library

Icon to illustrate multiselect and search

Super MultiSelect

This is a full screen, searchable, categorized, mobile optimized multiselect.

Icon representing multi-select buttons

MultiSelect + Pills

This is a Lightning Web Component version of my MultiSelect+Pills used to show selected items.

Icon to illustrate a searchable list


This is a searchable input component that takes a list and filters it. It can display the list or return to the host component.

Icon representing nested components

GeeWizz Wizard

This wizard component is capable of hosting other components.

Icon of curly brackets to present coding

ID Generator

This component allows you to create a unique ID in a specific format.

Icon representing resizing

Resizable Text Area

This Lightning component enhances a regular text area to allow it to dynamically resize as you enter text.

Icon representing a date picker

Lightning DatePicker

This Lightning component operates as a text input to capture a single date, date range, or date and time.

Icon representing a lookup with a dropdown menu


Leverage an improved version of the original Lightning lookup using new CSS.

Icon of the Excel logo


Embed a Visualforce Page and Controller inside a Lightning Component that will export a sample list of Opportunities.

Icon representing a frame when coding


This simple Lightning framework extension simplifies your process by delivering the functionality you need without all the added weight.

Icon representing multiple selection on a list

Lightning MultiSelect Tool

One of our most popular tools, this Lightning Component allows you to compare the value of a picklist to a single or multiple values.

Icon to represent a dual select list


This component is essentially a new version of the MultiColumnSelect. It my look the same, but it functions much better for developers.

What are Lightning Components?

Lightning components are ready-to-use functionality you can insert directly into your Salesforce Lightning environment. These reusable UI features include snippets of architecture, pieces of frameworks, and specific functionalities with distinct goals in mind for the user.

Why Should I Use Lightning Components?

In custom development, taking shortcuts with tested and vetted components saves development teams time and money. You can build custom functionality on your layouts and make your vision a reality without starting from scratch.

Customize Your Salesforce Environment

Our team has developed this library through countless Lightning migration and customization initiatives.

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