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Salesforce CPQ Accelerator

Focus on Selling, Not Quoting

Launch Salesforce CPQ Fast

Busy sales professionals often get bogged down in generating price quotes, leaving them less time to focus on building relationships with customers. As products get more complex with bundles, tiered rates, and variable options, sales reps have to spend even more time manually writing quotes, an error-prone and costly process.

With Salesforce CPQ, they can reduce the time needed to generate accurate quotes, leading to better client service, fewer errors, and more time for business development.

Our team built a Salesforce CPQ Accelerator to allow sales teams to quickly implement the product in an existing or new Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation. Reps can sell complicated products with sophisticated pricing within weeks instead of months.

Deliver better client service and valuable time for business development to your sales team by launching our Salesforce CPQ accelerator and streamlining your sales process.

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Quotes for Complex Products

Our Salesforce team built this accelerator for businesses selling complicated products, typically those with various components or connected pieces. It also serves the needs of subscription products and usage-based products, such as data plans.

This accelerator is also good for businesses that go beyond the rudimentary per unit pricing model, including bundled and volume or tiered-based products.

Use the Salesforce CPQ Accelerator to:

  • Configure products and pricing models to suit your business needs
  • Configure a quoting process to use such products and pricing
  • Generate a standard quote document

Your Salesforce Development Team

While we have offices in five major cities – Chicago, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco – we work with companies all over the country. Our 15 years in business have been supported by a growing group of long-term clients who trust us to help their companies evolve with innovative solutions. We strive to serve as trusted Salesforce consultants to businesses, both small and large.

As a Salesforce Silver Partner, our team has grown to fill every aspect of a custom Salesforce development project, and our clients benefit from the following areas of expertise within their projects:

  • Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Experienced, US-based Developers
  • Solution Architects
  • Reliable Project Managers
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Salesforce Certified - Integration Architecture Designer
Salesforce Certified - JavaScript Developer I
Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified - Platform App Builder
Salesforce Certified - Platform Developer I
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Salesforce Certified - Sales Cloud Consultant
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