Soliant Consulting Earns Salesforce Silver Partner Status

Chicago, IL — March 25, 2019 — In a world full of tight competition, setting yourself apart from the crowd is no small feat.

Over the last 10 years, our Salesforce team has grown from a few self-taught, highly-motivated individuals to a powerhouse group, earning certifications and churning out strategic applications left and right. They strive to learn something new every day and build each Salesforce application even better than the last.

As a result of this hard work and dedication to a comprehensive understanding of the entire platform, we’ve recently been named a Salesforce Silver Partner.

What It Means to Be a Salesforce Silver Partner

Commitment to Consistent Learning

To earn this recognition, organizations must regularly pursue new certifications, proving a commitment to delivering excellence on the platform. Salesforce is constantly adding new features to learn about and leverage for our clients. Our team members are always working toward a new goal, and our new partnership status reflects this. We currently hold 43 certifications.

High Client Praise and a Proven Track Record

Part of being a partner is demonstrating successful execution of projects across different verticals and solutions. Our clients must provide excellent feedback through surveys delivered directly from Salesforce. We currently hold a 9.6 out of 10 satisfaction rating. Our team strives to deliver the highest level of service possible, and we’re honored that our clients think highly of our work.

We’re not stopping here, though. Next, Salesforce Gold Partnership!

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