Soliant Consulting Honored as Strategic Partner for FileMaker

Soliant Consulting Honored for its Expertise, Professionalism, and Dependability as a Top Strategic Partner for FileMaker

Chicago, Illinois — July 15, 2008. Soliant Consulting, Inc. earned its fourth FileMaker Excellence Award during the FileMaker Developer Conference on July 15, 2008. FileMaker, Inc. recognized Soliant Consulting for demonstrating professionalism and creativity to deliver excellent solutions to its clients.

Soliant exemplifies what it means to be a great partner for FileMaker. In addition to their expertise with our products, we have heard from countless customers of the outstanding work they do. Our market depends on a strong ecosphere of third party developers, and we’re proud to be supported by a company like Soliant.

Soliant Consulting takes pride in being a company that provides business process improvement in organizations around the country. As the premier FileMaker organization in the world it is a privilege to have been granted the Excellence Award.

In addition, FileMaker Public Relations also awarded Soliant Consulting the coveted Mad Dog PR Award. The winners earned recognition for their contributions in assisting with advancing awareness of FileMaker in the media, on the Internet, and at industry trade shows and conferences.

This was the company’s fourth FileMaker Excellence Award. Bob Bowers, CEO, received the award in 2004 for “Leadership and Sharing his Expertise With the FileMaker Community.” Steve Lane, Vice President, received the awardin 2003 for “Pushing the boundaries of FileMaker Pro.” Scott Love, COO, received the award in 2006 for “Developing Outstanding Technical and Training Resources for FileMaker.”

As a full-service consulting firm with nearly 50 employees, Soliant Consulting focuses on rapid application development tools, defining custom software solutions, designing rich Internet applications, and managing the entire software development life cycle.

Its clients include Apple, Boeing, DreamWorks, Genentech, Walgreens, Wells Fargo, Stanford University, and the University of Chicago. The company works with large and small organizations in both the private and public sectors.

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