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Soliant Consulting Launches Specialized FileMaker Hosting Services, Soliant.cloud®

Chicago, Ill. – May 2, 2017 –  Soliant Consulting announces the launch of its newest FileMaker service, Soliant.cloud®, an end-to-end comprehensive hosting service leveraging expertise from certified professionals.

The idea for Soliant.cloud arose with the recent evolution of the FileMaker technology. The release of FileMaker 15 included an unexpected requirement — the use of a dedicated server for each license. This puts FileMaker customers in a quandary – they can either purchase and maintain their own server, struggle to build a relationship with a hosting provider themselves, work with an expensive third-party hosting company, quickly learn the required technical expertise through the launch of FileMaker Cloud, or remain in FileMaker 14 forever. None of these alternatives are very attractive.

As our team helped our clients navigate these options, we realized we had a unique opportunity to make FileMaker server hosting not only cost-effective but also useful. We started a relationship with Amazon Web Services and began offering complimentary basic hosting to our FileMaker clients in need of a dedicated server. And thus, Soliant.cloud was born.

Soliant.cloud provides a robust FileMaker server hosting environment with dedicated support from certified consultants and developers. The service starts with a streamlined server setup, migration, and configuration process, handling all details from SSL installation to licensing best practices. Clients then benefit from monthly server monitoring, maintenance, automatic backups, and security improvements, going far beyond other hosting companies to deliver an optimal FileMaker experience.

“We’re very excited to expand upon our FileMaker services with the launch of Soliant.cloud. As technology evolves, companies often worry about being left behind. Now we can help them stay ahead of the curve,” explains Bob Bowers, CEO of Soliant Consulting.

“Our team has already migrated a handful of clients to Soliant.cloud, and we’ve received great feedback. The cost-effective service minimizes their stress and allows them to focus 100 percent on their business, not on its tools.”

Soliant.cloud also provides easy access to certified FileMaker consulting. If clients need development work for solution enhancements, they greatly reduce the typical ramp-up process for FileMaker engagements. The Soliant team will have familiarity with the solution and can jump into development work almost immediately.

“Soliant.cloud helps us deliver the very best FileMaker has to offer for our clients,” confirms Bill Heizer, Senior Technical Architect at Soliant Consulting. “The dedicated FileMaker hosting services empower our clients to get more out of their solution investments. Companies can shift their data management into the cloud with peace of mind, increasing data engagement and team productivity.”

Soliant.cloud launched in May 2017 and is currently accepting new clients. For more information, please navigate here.