Soliant Consulting Awarded FileMaker Business Partner of the Year

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Chicago, Illinois – July 23, 2012.  FileMaker, Inc. awarded Soliant Consulting the FileMaker Excellence Award for Business Partner of the Year on July 17, 2012.  The award was presented to CEO Bob Bowers at the FileMaker Developer Conference in Miami, Florida. Bob Bowers, Aaron Gutleben, and Wim Decorte were speakers at the four-day conference.

In 2012, Soliant authored the FileMaker 12 Training Series, presented the FileMaker 12 Roadshow in six cities across the United States, and is hard-at-work on a forthcoming book.

The Excellence award criteria states that “FileMaker recognizes FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) partners who have demonstrated an impressive level of professionalism and creativity in using FileMaker software to deliver excellent solutions to their customers.”

Soliant has been a Platinum FileMaker Business Partner for over a decade, and has won six FileMaker Excellence Awards — this is their second Business Partner of the Year award; the other four awards have been presented to Soliant’s Bob Bowers, Steve Lane, Scott Love, and Wim Decorte.

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