Soliant Consulting is Now a Claris Connect Partner

Chicago, IL. – March 3, 2020 – Soliant Consulting is proud to announce our new status as a Claris Partner-Connect. This new role highlights our commitment to supporting Claris in its efforts to deliver new workplace innovation products to the market. It also allows us to provide our clients with new integrations for their business applications.

Claris Connect serves as a new Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) within the Claris ecosystem, connecting not only FileMaker with other applications but also bridging systems without a FileMaker component. Businesses can adopt new functionality sooner by boosting development productivity and getting new features to key stakeholders faster. It also reduces dependencies on monolithic systems and promotes an ongoing solution evolution through regular application updates – regularly handled through other SaaS applications instead of internal IT. Potential integrations include Google apps, Quickbooks, Salesforce, DocuSign, Office 365, Jira, Slack, Shopify, and Mailchimp, among many others.

As a Claris Platinum Partner, our team was able to work early on with Claris on the features and functionality of Claris Connect, offering suggestions and working through sample scenarios. Our technical solution architects navigated setting up flows, triggers, and actions, helping Claris to simplify and streamline the process for users.

“We’re excited with how powerful Claris Connect is on launch day and have high expectations for it as a tool robust enough for the enterprise but approachable enough for the many small businesses already working with Claris,” shares Bob Bowers, Soliant Consulting CEO.

As a Claris Partner-Connect, we help businesses determine how to leverage the new iPaaS to improve both their internal applications and their external customer-facing solutions. Our business analysts focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of our clients and help them take the next step through strategic technology integrations.

With a deep bench of experienced solution architects, we are an ideal partner for businesses seeking new ways to enhance their existing applications through integrations with other systems via Claris Connect. We’ve already started working with existing clients to incorporate new capabilities and anticipate many others will follow suit.

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